September Minutes



Saddle Mountain Place and Monashee Place


MINUTES OF REGULAR BOARD MEETING held on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 in the Lounge.



Chairperson;                           Elinor Turrill

Vice Chair:                              Jean Latval

Secretary/Treasurer:              Marcel Galli

Directors:                                Cheryl Altwasser, Keith Altwasser, Joyce Holmes, Diana Lock, Irene Mickey,Tony Porisky ,Christine Rawcliffe    


Tenants:                                  Dorothy Brown, Allen Haworth, Betty Pollard

Recording Sec/Bookkeeper:  Jody Larose


Chairperson Elinor Turrill called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.



R.M.A.S.  Diana Lock, Keith Altwasser that the agenda for September 9, 2014 be approved with the additions of Lounge update as well as if we are going to apply for BCNPA bursary.




R.M.A.S.  Jean Latval, Christine Rawcliffe that the Regular Board Meeting minutes of Tuesday June 17, 2014 regular meeting be adopted, as distributed.






  1. Elinor let everyone know the meeting for the new by-laws will be held September 23, 2014 6:00pm in the lounge.
  2. Elinor spoke to the fact that BC Housing has cancelled the upcoming meeting and she will keep everyone updated as to when it is rescheduled for.









R.M.A.S. Marcel Galli, Diana Lock, that the reconciled Treasurer’s Reports for August be adopted as distributed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Carried.





Rental Committee: Units are full at this time. We have a waiting list at this time. Unit E-44 was moved into by Jean Young. Unit A-02 will be completed by September 15 with Helmut and Giselle moving in.


Maintenance/Purchasing Committee:

  1. Proposed changes to the light bulbs being used over the doorways of the units. Will be changing from CFL to LED.


R.M.A.S. Marcel Galli, Keith Altwasser, that the bulbs be changed in the hallways above the doors of all Saddle Mountain Place units.        


  1. We are looking into building an office so that the lounge will be left for tenant use.
  2. Looking into cost of automatic door for the lounge.                                                                                                                              

  Budget Committee:  

  1. No report.


Tenants Committee:

1.    Ask that cleaners not leave chairs on the tables after cleaning.

2.    Need wet floor signs.

3.    Hallways not being cleaned thoroughly.


Complaints Committee:  



Contract Committee:

1.    Meeting with White Valley, Contract will be left as is for rental, they are willing to provide funds for cleaning supplies and support the coffee fund. Will also look at helping with Automatic door. Next year they will look at helping with cleaning cost.

2.    Contract was signed with new cleaners, needs some fine tuning.    

Election Committee:

1.    No meeting through the summer. We have four individuals who may be interested in sitting on the board.


Lounge Committee;

1.    We will no longer be getting coffee from Van Houttee.

2.    The freezer has been defrosted and will be done on a monthly basis.

3.    There were notes posted regarding computer use as well as only cooks in the kitchen during meal times.



1.    The tenant reps were asked to see if anyone would be interested in a presentation from the tobacco enforcement officer Kym Howay.

2.    It is thought that naming the buildings would confuse addresses

3.    BCNPHA is having a convention in November it was asked if anyone would like to attend, there is a bursary that must be applied for by September 22. There did not appear to be any intrest.

4.    Jean and Christine to look at the bathtub owned by the board that is being stored in a barn. A decision will be made as to whether we should try to sell or donate it.


NEXT REGULAR MEETING: October 14, 2014 6:00 pm. in the lounge



REGULAR MEETING ADJOURNED:  Diana Lock @ 6:50 p.m.