TENANT’S RIGHTS


It is illegal to deny housing to a tenant on grounds of race, colour, sex, religion, disability, family status or national origin.

Before a tenant  agrees to move in, tour the premises with a member of the Rentals Committee and note any damages.  The damages should be recorded on the units file

Tenants have the right to privacy.  The Board or representative of the Board must give prior notice (typically 24 hrs.) before entering a premises and only do so to inspect for needed repairs, in case of emergency  or in case of a disturbance.

Tenants are to be treated with respect by the Board, Employees other Tenants, and any contractor renting the Common Areas.

Tenants Right to Property Maintenance. It is the rights of tenants to live in a safe, private and sanitary conditions.  Therefore the Landlord must:

.  Property and common areas must be maintained in accordance with local Health & Safety codes.

.   Property’s utilities and fixtures must be kept in safe working condition, including electrical, plumbing, sanitation & heating/cooling systems

.   The Board will  repair and pay for all damages due to normal wear & tear

.   Rental units should be habitable and in compliance with Housing & Health codes – meaning they should be structurally safe, sanitary, weatherproofed & include adequate water, electricity & heat. 

Damage deposits are not deductable for “normal wear & tear”.  The Board must provide an itemized report of any deductions from any damage following inspection of the unit by both parties.

The Board cannot change the locks without prior notice to the tenant and vice versa.  The tenant must have permission of the Board to change a lock.

 Common Areas are the responsibility of the Board as is the use of same.  The Board should assure that all Health and Safety Factors are in place and the areas are clean and maintained.

 Tenants may with approval of the Board partake in maintaining individual garden plots and/or common garden plots.

 Tenants have the right to communicate concerns to the Board through the Office Manager/Secretary either in person or by letter.

 If a tenant feels they have been treated unfairly they have the right to appeal to the Board.

Tenants have the right to attend all public Board Meetings of the Society and to be added to the agenda with prior notice to the Secretary.